Friday, 1 April 2016

Disney lovers at the ready!!

Happy April Fool's Day Readers!!

April is now upon us and I figured what better time to introduce a new post type.  It is COMPETITION TIME here at A Moment to Read!  The first of each month will bring a new competition with new prizes, each competition will run for three weeks out of the month and the winners will be announced on the 29th before the new competition goes live on the 1st of the following month.  I have some exciting plans, but to start off the new trend, I began with Disney!!

I saw this and couldn't resist.  Whilst browsing Jenny in Neverland's blog, I came across this Disney Tag Questionnaire which you can go read by clicking here.  She is an avid Disney fan too and has several other posts that are a good read if you have the time for browsing!  

My questionnaire is below, have a nosey, let me know your thoughts!  We are all fans, but we all have very different opinions - I'd love to hear yours!  As for the competition; it's simple!  In your own post (blog, Facebook, Instagram are all accepted - I'll struggle with Twitter as I don't have an account so won't be able to see submissions...) I want to know who your favourite Disney character is, why they are your favourite and what you learned from them as a child!  (Were they a good role model?  Was it their personality or humour you like?  Or were they just the cool character that you wish you could have had as a friend in school?) A picture needs to be included showing your favourite character at their 'moment' (the one when you knew who they were and what they stood for) - Images can be screen shots from the movie, stock photos taken from the Internet, or images drawn by hand etc - Effort will be taken into account when it comes to deciding a winner!  

So, get thinking - Put up your posts on whichever social media platform you choose and then copy the link to the post into the comments on this post.  To be eligible to win you must also be following 'A Moment to Read'.

1st Prize is a Disney bundle which will include bits and bobs from some of the Disney films mentioned in my post below!
And two runner up prizes are Disney books and a Tsum Tsum teddy to match the story!

Closing Date for entries is the SUNDAY 24th APRIL (Winners will be announced on the Friday 29th April.)
1. Favourite Character
Easy starter... Belle from Beauty and the Beast, every time.  I love her and how she knows who she is and can stand up for herself.  She showed us that love is not about the handsome prince as she fell in love with the Beast before she knew who she was, and she loved books!!  I really wish I could have been her friend!
2. Favourite Princess
Aumrora (Sleeping Beauty).  I  mean come on, she spends the majority of the film asleep and it is still all about her!  That's skill.
3. Favourite Heroine
Merida!  Hands down!  She showed Disney fans that we don't need a guy to save us.  (And yes I know, she wasn't the first...  Alice, Belle, Mulan, they all did too) Merida had to fight for who she was and prove her worth as a woman, not some prize that a guy could win with his skills or bravery!
4. Favourite Prince
Prince Adam... For those of you who don't know, that is the Beast!  He loved Belle enough to let her leave him... that's true love!
5. Favourite Hero
I'm going to be honest, I really struggled with this one... I tend to favour the strong female characters than the male ones as I think they tend to end up quite stereotypical.  After some serious thought though, I guess Kristoff from Frozen.
6. Favourite Animal
7. Favourite Sidekick
Tinkerbell - I know that she could be a bit of a bitch, but she was pretty awesome!
8. Favourite Villain
Maleficent!  I loved her even when she was just plain evil.  I  love her even more since the film came out detailing her background.  It made her more realistic and showed us that the villains were just heroes scorned!
9. Favourite Original Character
Has to be Pluto!
10. Favourite Love Song
A Whole New World - Aladdin
11. Favourite Song
For years I would have said that 'I just can't wait to be King' was my favourite, yet I am a little bit of a traitor because I do absolutely love 'Let it go'
12. Favourite Villain Song
Possibly ''Be Prepared' from The Lion King - I'm not a hge fan of the villain's songs, they tend to be the bit I get bored through.
13. Least Favourite Song
I hate Gaston's song in Beauty and the Beaast!  With a passion that I have never understood...
14. Favourite Kiss
Belle and Prince Adam just after the transformation; so romantic!

15. The First Movie You Saw
I don't know what the first film I ever daw was, but I know that the first one I saw in the cinema waas The Lion King - and it has been one of my favourites ever since!!
16. Favourite Classic
The Lion King, Beauty and the Beaast and Alice in Wonderland... I genuinely can't pick between the three!
17. Song That Always Gets Stuck in Your Head
Provincial Life from Beauty and the Beast - love the lyrics!!
18. Favourite Pixar Film
19. Least Favourite Pixar Film
The Incredibles - I could just never take to it
20. Favourite Sequel
The Lion King - I loved Kiara and Kovu almost as muh as I loved Simba and Nala
21. Overrated Movie
For me it was Princess and the Frog.  I saw the film but didn't understand the hype I've never watched it since.
22. Underrated Movie
Pocahontas - she doesn't get enough credit as a character or as a Disney Princess!  She saved her entire tribe by falling in love and standing up for herself - credit where credit is due people!!
23. Movie That Makes You Laugh
Aladdin - there is just no character that can beat the Genie!
24. Movie That Makes You Cry
I think all Disney movies make me cry, even now when I know what is coming!
25. The Saddest Scene from Your Favourite Movie
The moment where the Beast nearly gives up and lets Gaston kill him because he thinks that Belle has left him!
26. Saddest Death
Mufusa!  I still cry my eyes out every time... I even start crying before because I know what is coming!
27. Favourite Quote
28. Favourite Theme Park
As bigger Disney fan as I am, I haven't actually been to the parks - need to be able to afford to leave the country to do that!!
29. Favourite Theme Attraction
It's not a favourite as I obviously haven't been; but I want to go to Magic Kingdom.
30. Favourite Theme Park Show
Not got a clue...

~~~ * ~~~

All opinions are my own and not encouraged by Disney or any other company involved with the making and production of the books and movies mentioned in the above post.

Prizes are put together by myself and again, are not endorsed or funded by any company mentioned in the above post.  Prizes will be shipped to winners after communication between myself and them to sort out delivery details.

All images used in this post are stock images taken from Google searches - They are not my photos and there is no copyright intended.


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