Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Mid Month Madness!

Middle of the month (ish) - I'm feeling a new post trend coming on!  I'm thinking a quick update on competitions and prizes, some random tit bits from the world of a reader/writer, plus a give away!!  

So here goes - We are now firmly into April and all is plodding along nicely.  I have taken to re-reading Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series this month as the new book, One with You came out on the 5th.  Anyone who is following my Instagram, or even just the Currently Reading spot down the side of the blog will know how quickly I am getting through them too!!  I am one of those annoying people who has to go back and read the whole series every time a new book is released - it sure is a time consumer - but I wouldn't have it any other way!  I will be reviewing the new book once I have read it, (which at this rate will be by the end of the week) so keep your eyes open for that post on Saturday morning!  

You can keep track of what I am reading down the side of the blog page with my Currently Reading spot or check out my Instagram, which is also linked down the side, to the right!!

In other news, you may or may not know that the writer in me is taking part in Camp Nanowrimo this month!  I can happily say that I have kept to word count every day, and by average am a few hundred words above count!!  It's a fun way to make sure I am actually getting something productive done, and I have really enjoyed the interaction with some other writers around the world :)

To check out what Nanowrimo is all about, check out the website and get involved!  It's a great way to keep on track and make sure that you actually get the writing done!  It's proven to me just how easy it is to get just over a thousand words a day written!  No more excuses - I want my new book published by the end of Summer this year!!


Don't forget to check out the Disney Competition that is still running - entering is easy!  All information is available in the post and all previous competition posts and winners, as well as all competition rules are always displayed on the Competition Page.  
I'm not going to lie - I'm a little disappointed with the lack of entries :(  Some more entries and feedback would be great!  I'd love to hear the thoughts of some long term bloggers as to ways of advertising my blog and posts.  

~*~ GIVE AWAY ~*~

Disney-Beauty-and-The-Beast-Vintage-Quote-Tale-As-Old-As-Time-for-iPhone-5-6Keeping the theme of Disney for this month I'm going to keep all things Disney related!  To keep it simple, the prize is related to my favourite film!  I have a lovely Beauty and the Beast phone case (Fits iPhone 5 & 6) and a postcard with a stunning movie poster from the original film!  (I even have a copy of the post card for me to keep!  Shame they don't make the case to fit my phone!)
To win it all you have to do is comment on this post with your favourite Disney movie - any type of Disney (old, new, Pixar, animated or live action) and make sure you're following the A Moment to Read blog by hitting the follow button underneath my profile picture!  
That's it!  
Winner will be selected by a random number generator that will link to the comment you post on the 29th and announced in the Winner's post for the competition.

And as always, 
Remember to take a moment to read x

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All opinions are my own and not encouraged by Disney or any other company involved with the making and production of the books and movies mentioned in the above post.

Prizes are put together by myself and again, are not endorsed or funded by any company mentioned in the above post.  Prizes will be shipped to winners after communication between myself and them to sort out delivery details.

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