Friday, 29 April 2016

That Disney Competition

So, on the 1st April, I uploaded a lovely Disney questionnaire that I had completed, showing my love of all things Disney.  Along with it, I detailed the competition of uploading your favourite character to an online media platform for a chance of winning some Disney based prizes.  
Well, I have to start by saying that I am a little disappointed in how few entries there have been, but love that Danny and Stacey took the time to enter their posts.  

Danny filled out the entire questionnaire on his Tumblr page where he told us that his favourite characters are Hercules and Baloo the bear.  Check out his post for the rest of his answers!

Stacey's entry was on her Instagram page and explained how Hercules has inspired her to follow her heart and try for her dreams.  Check out her post for her won explanation and to see which picture she chose as her representation of the famous Greek myth that we all loved as a child.

~*~ Competition Winners ~*~

Well, technically there were three prizes on offer - with only two entries there is obviously an easy end to that - and with the effort that Danny put in for his post; first prize has to be his!  Therefore second prize goes to Stacey :)  Thank you both for your entries!! 

~*~ Giveaway Winner ~*~

There were no entries for the give away so therefore no winner to choose!

I have to admit that I will be reconsidering my choices for future posts due to the lack of interest in competitions and giveaways.

Remember to take a moment to read, nothing in life is a greater escape from reality than the magic that happens between the pages of a book!

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